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The Pushcart Prize
Best New Poets
Best American Short Stories
Best American Essays
Best American Nonrequired Reading

We publish new and upcoming writers along with more established writers among the ranks of past contributors including R.T. Smith, Denise Duhamel, Donald Hall, Brett Lott, Maxine Kumin, Dinty Moore, Bob Hicok, Xu Xi, Lia Purpura, Mark Jarman, and David Kirby.

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Ends on July 31, 2019$8.00
This contest is for unclassifiable works: works that blur, bend, blend, erase, or obliterate genre and other labels.

Works of up to 5000 words considered.

This contest will be judged by Michael Martone.

Please note, we will only accept blind submissions, and your name should not appear anywhere on the submitted document. Those with names appearing in the submission will be rejected without being read. 


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